Westlawn Inn - The Quintessential Experience Fine Dining, Drink, & Music in North Beach MD
The Westlawn Inn is a family owned and operated restaurant, bar and live music venue located just one block from the Chesapeake Bay in the charming resort town of North Beach, Maryland. Opened in 2004 in a renovated Arts & Crafts style building that had been a guesthouse for nearly a century, the Westlawn has the look and feel of an old-time inn — where the outside world stops and dining becomes a nightly experience to cherish.

This Just Inn…

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Our current hours are:
Mon-Tues: CLOSED
Wed – Sat: 5:00-9:00
Sunday: 4:00-8:00

Upcoming music nights: 

** 5/1 –   Rick Whitehead Trio + Lee
** 5/15 – Not So Modern Jazz Quartet
** 5/29 – Musician Protection Program
** 6/5 –   Matt and Emma Wright
** 6/19 – Knicely, Mitchell, and Previti

See the Music and Events tab for details! 
NOTE: As we never charge a cover, we can only seat DINERS in the main dining room on music nights. We don’t have enough tables to accommodate guests who are not choosing to dine. Thank you for your understanding. 

 MOTHER’S DAY! Sunday, May 9th
We will open at 3:00 on Sunday, May 9th, offering our full regular dinner menu and Chef’s “Special Specials.”  We will take our last reservation at 7:30 that evening. Please call early to reserve!

Looking for Carryout? Please call during our open hours to speak directly to the bartender to place your carryout order. For veranda or dine-in, we strongly suggest that you make a RESERVATION, or at least call ahead by either calling 410-257-0001 or emailing us at thewestlawninn@yahoo.com.  

Our Westlawn Dinner (and Carryout) Menu

Fried Red Tomato   10
Spiced crab meat, mustard sauce, and crispy bacon pieces
Asparagus Tempura  8
Fried golden brown and served with a parmesan
pepper dipping sauce
Grilled Artichoke Hearts   8
Served with parmesan peppercorn dipping sauce
“Stuffed” Mushroom with Crab  10
Roasted Portobello mushroom topped with crab, tomato,
spinach and parmesan
Fried Calamari  9
Served with marinara sauce

Soups and Salads
Cream of Crab Soup   8
With a hint of sherry and Tabasco oil
Soup du Jour   8
Potato and Broccoli   
Westlawn Salad   8
Cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, dried cherries,
candied pecans, orange thyme vinaigrette
Classic Caesar Salad   8
Fluted parmesan bowl with a creamy Caesar dressing
and house made croutons

Add to any salad:
Parmesan Crisp   3
Grilled Chicken   7
Grilled Salmon  8

Superior Choice Black Angus (8 oz)
Grilled to your liking and served over roasted potatoes, grilled asparagus, and finished with demi
Served over cheddar grits and sautéed haricots verts
with barbecue sauce
Served over roasted potatoes and sautéed haricots verts with a caramelized onion demi
Served over roasted basmati rice with a sauté of
tomato, corn, and spinach
Grilled to your liking and served over sautéed squash and zucchini, with blistered tomatoes
Served over a bed of sautéed spinach with artichoke hearts, tomatoes, and caramelized onions


Jerk Marinated Fried Chicken 24
Served with potato salad with bacon, corn,
and a little chipotle pepper, and haricots verts

Blackened Tilapia  25
Baked and served over coconut rice with a mango
and cucumber salsa

Bar Bites
(Note: Bar Bites are available everywhere, not just in the bar!)
Westlawn Burger (8 oz)  12
Lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, mustard sauce
Grilled Chicken Sandwich  10
Topped with roasted mushrooms, provolone cheese, with herb aioli
Oven Roasted Crabcake Sandwich (6 oz)  14
Served with lettuce, tomato and remoulade
Slow-Cooked Premium Pork BBQ Sandwich  12
Served with cole slaw
Old Bay Wings   12
Served with a parmesan and peppercorn dipping sauce

French Fries  4
Sweet Potato Fries  6

Dessert Ravioli  8
Flourless Chocolate Cake  8
Westlawn Crème Brulee  8
























































































































































































































The Westlawn Inn Crabcake Dinner
Read the Capital Gazette review …

Dining Out: Food, Music and Fun
at The Westlawn Inn

Special Thanks for Carryout!

Everything we sell is available to-go, which includes our outstanding martinis, bottled beer selections, and our full wine list. As a thank you for CARRYOUT dinner orders, we are offering our House Wines at $18 To-Go. The wines offered include:
William Hill or Mirassou Chardonnay, Da Vinci Pinot Grigio, Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc, Chateaux St. Michelle Riesling, Mirassou Pinot Noir, Gnarly Head Zinfandel, Cellar No. 8 Cabernet, Red Rock Merlot, Rosemont Shiraz, Gascon Malbec.

These can be purchased in any amount AND are a big help to our small family business during these challenging times!

It is extremely helpful if you make a reservation or at least call ahead. If you leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as we arrive at 4:00, so please don’t be concerned if you don’t hear from us prior to that. Another option is to email us. We check that frequently up until 3:30. After that, calling is the best idea. 

  Thanks so much for your support and patience!


The Guest Quarters at the Inn
Visit our Guest Quarters Page, by clicking the tab above. The page has full descriptions of the units, a picture gallery, and how to book  directly through us – rates and info on the webpage. You can also book through VRBO or Airbnb.

Call Jenna, our property manager, at 410-610-5543 or email westlawnguestquarters@gmail.com.

We also have this: FACEBOOK page for the GQ

Cautious Precautions!

  • Our menu is available right on your phone on the front page of our website OR you can use our printed menus that are sanitized between each use.
  • Our servers will be wearing masks and washing hands frequently. Their personal health and exposure situation will also monitored closely, of course. They will keep an eye on your needs from as much distance as possible.
  • Wipes, tissues, and hand sanitizer stations are strategically placed by any doors you may need to access (particularly the entrance and the rest rooms).
  • Our tables are spaced apart, both in distance and time, and are completely cleaned between customers.
  • Food and drink preparation will be done with our customary high standard of cleanliness, “kicked up a notch.”
  • Our premium-grade dishwasher will sanitize and sterilize our dishes, cutlery, and glasses for your use.

We could use your help! Please do:

  • Stay home if you have any chance of being symptomatic or asymptomatic.
  • Step aside or back to allow at least 6 feet between you and our other patrons.
  • Wear a mask until seated. You may remove it at your table, but if you leave your table, please put it back on.
  • Use our wipes, tissues, and hand sanitizer freely.
  • Share with us any suggestions for ways we can make you feel safe and comfortable.
  • Be patient. We are dealing with a variety of challenges and are doing our best.

We will keep our veranda open all year round, for any evening that might be comfortable, if you dress warmly, and perhaps BYOBlanket.  We have limited outdoor heaters at this time. For indoor dining, we have spaced out our tables both in placement and times, using both our upstairs and downstairs dining rooms.




Your hosts: Will Travers (manager & bartender) with
Jan and Lee Travers (proprietors)

What our patrons are saying …

Dining on the porch on a beautiful spring, summer or fall evening is a special bonus to the lovely seasonal cuisine. An experience not to be missed.

Ron G.

The 9200 Club

As a lifelong musician, Lee Travers has turned the Westlawn into an award-winning live music venue dubbed The 9200 Club. Every Saturday night, and one or two Fridays a month, the Westlawn hosts regionally acclaimed bands in genres that span the history of modern music — from instrumental jazz and R&B to Dixieland jazz and soft rock.

Bands play in the 44-seat main dining room, creating an intimate environment with regular interaction between musicians and dinner guests. Lee, a rock guitarist whose music career began in the 1960s, appears on stage with some of the best rock musicians in the area. Like the fine food and drinks, this is music to be savored among friends and family enjoying a relaxed meal together.

Take a look at our upcoming music & events. We hope you’ll join us!

One of several musical groups to appear at The Westlawn Inn:
The Creole Gumbo Jazz Band