After Dinner Menu

Menu subject to change due to seasonal availability of ingredients. Dessert and special wines are frequently offered. Also ask your server about our selection of fine liqueurs.


Mixed Berry Sorbet 6
Topped with whipped cream

Crème Brulé “Flavor of the Day” 8
Creamy custard with crackling sugar topping

Dessert Ravioli 8
Toffee and Chocolate in puff pastry, served with vanilla ice cream

Blueberry Shortcake 8
Layers of blueberry and whipped cream in a light cake

Specialty Coffee Drinks

Café Mexicano 7
Coffee, kahlua, whipped cream, cinnamon

Hazelnut Dream 7
Coffee, frangelico, whipped cream

Velvet Italian 7
Coffee, amaretto, brandy, cream

Irish Coffee 7
Coffee, Jameson’s Irish whiskey, whipped cream

LeGrand Café 8.5
Coffee, grand marnier, frangelico, white godiva, nutmeg

Patron XO Royal Café 8.5
Coffee, Patron XO Café, whipped cream